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If we catch you in Abroad you are in soup Kanu warns Governors


Nnamdi Kanu the chief of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has issued a sparkling threat to Nigerian governors by using advising them no longer to travel overseas if they may owe workers’ salaries.
According to the Biafra agitator who made this known whilst speak me during an interview with Rose Peter Graham, the anchor of ‘Rose On All Sides,’ on Ben TV, United Kingdom, he said they could not be attacked however might be ”picketed.”

“Soon, any governor who has now not paid salaries will now not come overseas anymore. If you are owing salaries, you’re no longer allowed to go overseas anymore. “You financial institution instructors’ salaries, you financial institution the salaries of pensioners, you can’t come abroad anymore.

“So this is the beginning. We’ll not assault them. We’ll ask them questions. We know it as picketing. It’s allowed inside the ambit of democratic guidelines. “So, if we see you, we’ll ask you what you’ve been doing with teachers’ salaries, nurses’ salaries and why you’ve now not been paying humans and what are you doing here? “Any governor owing employees as soon as we trap you abroad you’ll inform us what you’ve been doing with the salaries you’re supposed to pay.

“It doesn’t matter the country you return from, but as soon as we catch you, you must explain why you’ve now not paid for 6 months, 9 months, four months and where is the cash?” On a change of approach, to win extra followers, Kanu said: “Everybody is consistent with what we are doing except the criminals. Everyone is consistent with what we are doing.”

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